CLF-C01 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Question No 1:

A company is looking for a scalable data warehouse solution. Which of the following AWS solutions would meet the company’s needs?

A. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
B. Amazon DynamoDB
C. Amazon Kinesis
D. Amazon Redshift

Answer: D

Question No 2:

Which of the following security-related actions are available at no cost?

A. Calling AWS Support
B. Contacting AWS Professional Services to request a workshop
C. Accessing forums, blogs, and whitepapers
D. Attending AWS classes at a local university

Answer: C

Question No 3:

Which of the following is a shared control between the customer and AWS?

A. Providing a key for Amazon S3 client-side encryption
B. Configuration of an Amazon EC2 instance
C. Environmental controls of physical AWS data centers
D. Awareness and training

Answer: D

Question No 4:

What is the AWS customer responsible for according to the AWS shared responsibility model?

A. Physical access controls
B. Data encryption
C. Secure disposal of storage devices
D. Environmental risk management

Answer: B

Question No 5:

Which of the following security-related services does AWS offer? (Select TWO.)

A. Multi-factor authentication physical tokens
B. AWS Trusted Advisor security checks
C. Data encryption
D. Automated penetration testing
E. Amazon S3 copyrighted content detection

Answer: C D

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